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    Kyle Sutton

    O: 772-631-2228 M: 828-541-2305

    For many years of my life, I've played a game called "Golf". Which has taught me so much through meeting the people within the golf community. Everyone I meet has one goal (it seems like) and that's to hit a hole-in-one every chance they get. Well just like golf, you can swing, and swing, and miss until you hit the perfect shot and finally, you have achieved your HOLE-IN-ONE. I'm that hole-in-one when it comes to real estate. I know exactly what it takes to line your shot up so you don't end up missing the dream house of your life.

    I am the definition of ambition. Coming from a small town of "you got to be fit in", is the only way you will ever make it, it is an understatement. Making it out of this little town when your family is trapped by poverty is a sign of achievement. This kind of upbringing made me create a truth to myself that I would have to honor. Being ambitious has been a life tool to carry my family of seven, from a single wide 1960's one 1bed 1bath trailer to a house well fit and built on a concrete slab. I can say this, I am not your ordinary Real Estate Agent, "I am truly driven to achieve the desire for others and myself". So, I know I can help you with your Real Estate Needs. Trust in me!

    I look forward to the opportunity to get to know you. Relationship over Transaction any day.

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    Kyle Sutton
    Sales Associate, Realtor
    Baron Real Estate
    8555 SW Commerce Centre
    Port St. Lucie, FL 34986
    Phone: 772-631-2228

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