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Home Maintenance Vendors

Baron Real Estate Presents:

The B-Hive is a vendor network that works to emulate the efficiency of a real-life bee community. In nature, all members of the bee community, whether queen, worker or drone, are aiming for the same goal: ensuring the progression of the colony and its survival. 

Within our own local community there are multiple vendors that work to help better and strengthen the counties we all live and reside in. Keeping this network of working professionals in close proximity to those who need them is the main objective of The B-Hive

Our vendors are hand selected and interviewed to assure quality of work, licensing and insurance. Each vendor is locally owned and operated. #supportlocal

To Learn More About Our Vendor Select Program & How to Join, Please Contact Eric Gibson at 772-631-2228


Flooring Installation

Flooring and Carpet Cleaner

Safe Clean Carpet, Tile & Grout Cleaning

Floor Cleaning

Garbage Removal

Handyman Repairs

Heating & A/C




Pest & Rodent Control

Paradise Environmental Services

Pest Control | Pressure Cleaning & More